Features and Benefits

  iCommunicator promotes independent communication for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and encourages increased literacy by "translating" English a number of ways:

The iCommunicator translates in real-time:
Speech to Text
Speech/Text to Video Sign-Language
Speech/Text to Computer Generated Voice

Once translated, the user can easily:
Use the built-in dictionary / Thesaurus to obtain definitions, synonyms and antonyms
Perform internet searches for more information

30,000 Word Signing Library
One of the most distinctive features of iCommunicator is its database of sign language videos. Using its built-in thesaurus, iCommunicator is able to recognize 30,000 words with our database of over 9,000 individual video clips. The videos were filmed using a sophisticated technique allowing for consistent, high-quality videos. They are displayed with nearly seamless continuity allowing the viewer to easily comprehend the spoken word and its associated sign.

250,000 English Word Library
Using sophisticated and patented speech recognition technology by Dragon NaturallySpeaking, iCommunicator is able to accurately understand and convert more than 250,000 words, which can be expanded by the user, and automatically filters out the "um's" and "aah's" that naturally occur in speech.

Better Speech Recognition Than Ever Before!
Dragon NaturallySpeaking v9.0 Powers iCommunicator

More accurate than ever before.
Never makes a spelling mistake, and gets smarter the more you use it!
Speech files can be created in 10 minutes with 95% voice recognition accuracy.
Increasing your accuracy is as easy as reading to your computer.
Multiple users can easily be setup to use one iCommunicator.
Speech files can be backed-up or exported.

Built-in Computer Generated Voice
Helps Improve Speech Recognition and Intelligibility
iCommunicator’s computer generated voice provides two functions:
  1. Speak’s incoming words in real-time or recite’s imported text to help users improve their speech recognition and intelligibility.
  2. Will act as the "user’s voice" when the user cannot speak or has oral issues.
    Simply type what you want to say and iCommunicator will speak for you.
Since each user has unique requirements a male or female voice can be selected, and both the pitch and speed of the voice and be adjusted to provide optimal comprehension, allowing the user to listen to stories, lectures, written manuscripts or reports. iCommunicator includes a Y-cable to make connecting a peripheral hearing device (e.g., hearing aids, FM systems, cochlear implant speech processors) directly to your computer simple.

Built-in Dictionary and Thesaurus
Easy access to definitions, synonyms and antonyms
iCommunicator’s extensive up-to-date dictionary and Thesaurus database features:
Definitions, synonyms and antonyms including many compound and proper nouns
Word relations: find antonyms, parts or types, less specific words, etc.
Over 124,000 synonym sets and 156,000 root words
Search over 240,000 words, compounds and derived forms
70 000+ pronunciations, with pop-up hint pronunciation key
49,000 usage examples
Suggestions for many misspellings

Search the Internet
One-click access to Google
To further enhance the literacy levels of iCommunicator users, a simple mouse-click will search the internet for the highlighted word or phrase in iCommunicator. This allows the user to learn more about the word or subject they’re referencing.

iText™ works with your software
Translate all your electronic documents with one click
iCommunicator’s iText tool allows you to translate text from web pages, email, word processing documents, and other software applications. With one click this information is copied to the iCommunicator Text window and then translated to Sign-Language or read the user.

Fully Customizable
iCommunicator adjusts to meet the needs of each user
Signing speed can be slowed down or sped up.
Both the speed and pitch of the computer generated voice is adjustable.
Background colors are changeable for easier viewing.
Typeface size can be increased or decreased.
Typeface type can be changed.
Adjustable signing window (custom mode only)
Formulate questions and statements for immediate response in class, during
meetings, or personal conversations
"Quick Say" Hot keys allow 21 prepared sentences to be spoken with
computer-generated voice
Quickly navigate the keyboard using hotkeys
Autosave protect notes and transcripts
Eliminate unwanted translations by monitoring the onscreen microphone ON/OFF
Locate individual signs using the word list feature
Individual user settings are automatically saved in each users Windows profile.

Special Features for Speakers
Easily converse with persons who have special communication needs
Most speakers achieve 92% (or better) speech and voice recognition translation in 15
minutes of training time.
Enhanced speech and voice recognition translation accuracy through
iCommunicator's expertly integrated system.
User friendly on-screen prompts and dialogue boxes to assist speakers during
speech/voice recognition training.
Speaker verification window to protect the user's speech/voice files.
Fine tuning of speech/voice file through a guided vocabulary building process.
Ability to decrease speech/voice recognition training time by analyzing document
(e.g., electronic versions of texts and manuscripts, scanned materials, summaries,
glossaries, and vocabulary lists).
Fine tune speech/voice file using special features in Dragon NaturallySpeaking, such
as the Accuracy Center and the Acoustic Optimizer.

Section 508 Compatibility
Compatible with Microsoft Accessibility Options
iCommunicator is committed to helping the government, as well as private and public sector businesses, provide improved accessibility of information and technology through its products, information, services, and programs. As such, iCommunicator meets Section 508 requirements for electronic and information technology accessibility.

Business Benefits
Supporting employees and customers with disabilities makes sense
iCommunicator gives you the means to improve employee moral and gain new customers by providing an easy way for them to communicate with you and your staff.

Businesses that support people with disabilities by complying with the applicable requirements under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 may be eligible for a "disabled access credit" under Section 44 of the IRS Tax Code.

Listed below are the qualifications for this type of expenditure, in which iCommunicator qualifies:
  1. for the purpose of removing architectural, communication, physical, or transportation barriers which prevent a business from being accessible to, or usable by, individuals with disabilities,
  2. to provide qualified interpreters or other effective methods of making aurally delivered materials available to individuals with hearing impairments,
  3. to provide qualified readers, taped texts, and other effective methods of making visually delivered materials available to individuals with visual impairments,
  4. to acquire or modify equipment or devices for individuals with disabilities, or
  5. to provide other similar services, modifications, materials, or equipment. We recommend that you speak directly to your accountant about this credit since certain restrictions apply (i.e. size of business, annual gross receipts).

    If allowed, the credit can equal about half the cost of iCommunicator.

    For more information, visit the Americans with Disabilities Act Website:

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