Product Information

iCommunicator promotes independent communication for persons who are deaf or hard-of-hearing and encourages increased literacy by “translating” English a number of ways:

The iCommunicator translates in real-time:
Speech to Text
Speech/Text to Video Sign-Language
Speech/Text to Computer Generated Voice

Once translated, the user can easily:
Use the built-in Dictionary / Thesaurus to obtain definitions, synonyms and antonyms
Perform internet searches for more information

iCommunicator’s patented technology provides end-users with unparalleled opportunities in classroom, business and everyday environments:
Achieve efficient, effective communication.
Receive equal access to acoustic information.
Strengthen spoken language comprehension.
Increase Reading and Language Skills.
Expand Opportunities for Advancement and Success in Education and Employment.
Enhance Independence And Self-confidence.
Improve Quality of Life.

The iCommunicator is not intended as a replacement for sign-language interpreters, but as an alternative when an interpreter is not available:

Classroom Settings – Daily Communication – Ad hoc Meetings –
Emergency Situations

In an academic or business environment iCommunicator performs as an unparalleled communication tool. Using the finest Speech Recognition technology available, iCommunicator converts the spoken word into text, instantly translating it into Sign-Language or Computer-Generated Voice, providing access to acoustic information in real-time.

The user can then reply using the computer’s keyboard, providing text that can be read or allow iCommunicator to speak for them with the built-in Computer-Generated Voice.

Concern about the literacy levels of persons who are deaf and hard of hearing was the inspiration for development of this breakthrough technology. The iCommunicator delivers American Sign Language (ASL) signs in English word order (subject+verb+object) to improve the association between spoken, written, and signed words, promoting better literacy levels than traditional ASL.

In addition, the built-in Dictionary and Thesaurus allow the user to obtain definitions or perform internet searches to gather more information on words and phrases.

iCommunicator is a powerful learning and rehabilitative tool. By taking spoken or written words and presenting them to the user in a variety of different formats, iCommunicator provides rehabilitative benefits for a number of potential users:
Visual learners learn best by seeing information; the iCommunicator provides a
visual display of spoken words.
Individuals with speech disorders can use the iCommunicator’s voice output to
learn the proper pronunciation of words.
When developing readers struggle with pronunciation, iCommunicator’s voice
output helps to learn the word.
The iCommunicator helps individuals with hearing assistive devices make sense
of the sounds that they are hearing.

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