iCommunicator is dedicated to ensuring that you gain the greatest possible value from our products. Please take a minute to learn about the support and services we offer.

The iCommunicator electronic Training Manual, included, with the software, provides a systematic training process for end users, speakers, and implementation managers. On site training may be purchased through authorized iCommunicator resellers.

Customer Support
Customer support is available to registered iCommunicator customers to answer your questions about product availability, upgrades, features, customer registration, policies, procedures, and other topics. iCommunicator comes with free support for one year from date of purchase and includes:
Free Phone Support
Unlimited Software Upgrades
Unlimited Dictionary Upgrades

**If your annual support is about to expire, you can purchase additional support within one year of software purchase by clicking here.

Online Support
Before contacting Customer Support you may want to examine:
Support FAQ
Tips and Tricks

Contacting Customer Support
Phone: (718) 965-8600 (8am-5pm ET)

Please have the following information available when contacting customer support:
-Version #
-Build #
-Serial #

This information can be accessed by clicking on HELP - ABOUT.

Live Remote Assistance
You must make an appointment with our support team before using this feature
Click here if you have made an appointment

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